When hearing, seeing or writing the word “renewal” the first thing that comes to mind is clean. The word itself has many facets. Restoration, healing, faith, beauty, innocence, to name a few.

I had the incredible privilege of documenting a Gala last night held by Wellspring, called The White Umbrella. I didn’t know much about the organization except that they confront the issue of sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking of children. I don’t know why I thought I would go into the evening as if the content would not have an enormous impact on me.

As I listened to statistics, stories and watched dramatic readings, I felt the lump rise in my throat and the heaviness settle into my chest. 5, 7, 9-year-old girls being used as slaves to the sexual desires of men three and four times their age. What?! Atlanta is among the top 5 trafficking cities in the country. What?! The average life expectancy of a girl forced into prostitution is seven years. How did I not know this? I suddenly felt compelled to call my 14-year-old daughter and tell her never to walk out of the house again without armed guards. But fear stifles life. So I chose to focus on what this organization is doing to save these girls…these precious children.

I listened as two beautiful survivors, once broken, now restored, spoke of how Wellspring has provided for them and for many, a washing away of what once felt permanent. A cleansing through fire (so to speak). Is this not the epitome of renewal?

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