I have to be honest, photographing a brand new baby is one of my favorite things. They are so precious and new. The miracle of life is still fresh in their skin and shape. I’m able to position them like a little contortionist mimicking when they were in the womb. After only a few weeks time they will no longer curl have the ability to curl the same. I always love the look of surprise on a new mom’s face when she says, “He was just like that in my belly!”

It’s an incredible honor being welcomed in to someone’s home and entrusted with these memories.

Anderson is one of the most beautiful babies. He was so good during his session 🙂
In one of our last shots he opened his eyes just long enough for me to capture the moment. I’m rather proud of that picture.

I’m so grateful that Hannah gave permission for me to post these pictures for you.

All blessings!

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