Phenix Family

When Joy came to me with the idea for her Christmas card, I was sold! It was fun, creative, different… who wouldn’t want to be a part of this? Plus, Joy is a creative genius. There is nothing this woman can’t do! I happen to love the rest of her family as well, making this an overall great experience.

So here, now, I give you…The fantastic Phenix family!

After I had taken the pictures, Lindsay Kragten then took over as illustrator. Look what she did with them! They are so much fun!!!
Lisa Hovis put everything together and made the final product. Click HERE to view her website.

It is always a privilege to work with other creative types.
Check out Joy’s blog. One look and you’ll be hooked.

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3 thoughts on “Phenix Family

  1. I enjoy interacting with Joy on her blog and it is nice to see you take these great pictures. Looks like everybody had a lot of fun. Joy, I am sure I read Joy’s blog because of you. Sometime in the past either she was a quest on your blog or you on hers.

    1. She’s an incredible person. I’m grateful when I am able to spend time around her. Glad you’re reading her blog. She has wisdom galore! When are you going to start blogging, Mark? 🙂

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