Blake’s Birth

I could write pages and pages about this baby as I was blessed to walk alongside Ariel throughout her pregnancy. He did not make it easy on her.

Ariel and Chris are two of the greatest people we know. It was incredibly difficult when they decided to follow a job lead and move back to Kentucky.
I had already planned to be in the delivery room to document Blake’s birth and that wasn’t going to change, only now it would be in another state.
It was quite the adventure from the moment Ariel went into labor to my getting pulled over as I sped to get there before Blake’s arrival.

It was clear that this little boy was not going to make his entry into the world look anything like those of his two older sisters. It was decided that Ariel would have a c-section. I literally walked into the hospital, hugged her neck, prayed by her bed, suited up and we headed to the O.R.

There is nothing like watching a baby coming into this world…when he takes his first breath, the first cry, the relief on the mother’s face when she hears him making noise. I remember it well with my own children and the fact that I am able to witness it with someone else is such a gift. There is nothing else like it.
I fall in love with every baby I photograph in these sacred moments and Blake is no exception.

This video is optimized for playback on a handheld device. If viewing on a large screen, the resolution will be low.

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2 thoughts on “Blake’s Birth

  1. Ok Joy,

    What is the rest of the story about being pulled over?? 🙂

    I am glad you made it in time to capture the moments.

    1. Oh my goodness! Mark, I totally thought I replied to this!!!
      So when I got pulled over I explained everything to the officer (before I started crying) and his response was, “Okay, I’ll make this quick (writing my ticket)”
      I couldn’t stress about it at the time, but when I got back from my trip and called about the cost of the ticket, I felt sick to my stomach.
      A sweet lady in the judge’s office answered the phone and I explained my situation to her. We chatted for about 30 minutes. Before we hung up she gave me the judge’s name and fax number in case I wanted to send him a letter asking for mercy.
      That’s exactly what I did!
      I explained everything and asked that he show me grace.
      He did! He dismissed the entire thing!
      Cool, huh?!
      I was so very grateful!!!!
      I think God was not only smiling, he was laughing outloud 😉

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