Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

This week’s challenge is one that begs for my macro lens. I am fascinated by the detail in the smallest of creatures. Normally a spider wrapping his lunch while it still flailed about would send me running in the other direction, but seeing it through the lens only leaves me wanting more.

“The thing made by human hands looks terrible under magnification–crude, rough, and asymmetrical. But in nature every bit of life is lovely. And the more magnification we use, the more details are brought out, perfectly formed, like endless sets of boxes within boxes.”  – Roman Vishniac

33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

      1. If it’s as big as the one I almost walked into one day while blindly chasing monarch butterflies(body about the size of my great big man-hands thumb) I can see why. If I hadn’t seen the web out of the corner of my eye I would have walked right through it, and her, at about waist level. I assure you you would have heard the screams. 😀 Then of course I had the get a few shots 🙂

      2. Yes! It’s huge…and fascinating…and beautiful! It’s hard to believe I’m saying that. I used to be terrified of spiders and insects in general. Seeing it through the lens changes all of that. I can totally understand chasing butterflies 😉

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