Baby Marlowe

Look at this precious angel! She is less than a week old. No matter how many times I am invited into someone’s home to capture these moments, I find it an incredible privilege and honor. I fall in love with each of these brand new babes. What an enormous gift.

Melanie and I had so much fun dressing up her living baby doll as proud papa and 18 month old brother looked on. We laughed until our sides ached. Sometimes all one can do is laugh when the realization that something as precious as this child has been given to you.

I hope to follow Marlowe as she grows and thrives in her beautiful life.

4 thoughts on “Baby Marlowe

    1. The experience was amazing. Patient, creative and fun. In her words, the toddler age is her “speed” and she proved it. FANTASTIC work, Joy! We’ll be calling you again for certain!

      1. Thank you, Scott! I appreciate your endorsement more than you know! It was wonderful spending time with your precious family. I look forward to watching the children learn and grow. You and Melanie are such great parents!

    2. Melanie,
      What an honor it is to be invited into your home to capture these moments. Thank you! I look forward to seeing Marlowe grow and thrive.

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