Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

When I read the prompt for this week’s challenge my first thought was how many pictures I have that depict the meaning of love. As I started looking through all of those “perfect” pictures, none of them really stood out to me. Until…I saw this series of my 4-year-old and “his girl” as he calls her.

This was a day spent at the Botanical Gardens. The weather was perfect. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and there was a light breeze. We were headed to the frog pond when Caden and Aubrey saw the mist from a nearby sprinkler.

What followed was sweet, unadulterated fun. It was happiness with a face. It was and is… love.


Catching water droplets

Finger tipsSprinkler on faceBIG smiles
It was impossible to choose only a few posts to link to. So, for many more creative interpretations of the word “Love” click here.

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