4 thoughts on “Katie

  1. These are great Joy. Part of me wishes I could photograph people well, the other part would rather get a root canal though. I think I’ll leave the people to people like you, who do it well. I’ll stick to getting up insanely early to chase the sun, and trying not to get eaten by bears. Much less stressful. 😀

    1. Ha! Is it? Less stressful? I know what you mean 🙂
      These were some of the first headshots I did. I was looking at them tonight thinking how far I’ve come. Hopefully I will be forever the student, continuing to learn every step of the way.

      1. You never stop learning, there are always new ways to shoot, new ways to post process, it’s never ending.

        And yes, much less stressful. Sure I might drive three hours only to have the weather go bad and not be able to get the sunset I want. And there’s the whole being eaten by my subject kind of thing. But mountains and waterfalls don’t move, I only need good light, and wildlife is much more predictable than people are some times 😛 Given the choice of photographing people and a sharp stick in the eye, the choice is easy, get me a stick!

  2. Angelic face brightens any dull day.Beautiful post.Happy holidays.jalal

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